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Specializing in creating a road to success for students, parents, and faculty in the area of education.  The Omega Educational Consulting Group will provide you with the "O" Effect in order to change lives, one person at a time!

About Us



Professionals providing support, training, tutorial services and guidance in an array of educational needs.  For parents, who want to know how to assist their students; For students, who need tutorial assistance; For faculty, who need training/professional development on various educational topics; and staff, who need guidance in disciplinary proceedings.




*Student/Parent Assistance

*Professional Development

*Career Planning

*Consulting/Support Apparatus

The "O" Effect



The "O" Effect is the abilty to change lives, one person at a time.   This amazing transformation and metamorphosis will occur in a variety of ways, depending on your needs.  The Omega Group specializes in meeting the client where they are, and moving them to the next level of success.


"I want to thank Omega Ed Consulting for assisting me and my son on his goals of graduating! You are the Best" Susan P.


"The professional development you provided me and my staff was phenomenal and needed.  Can't wait for the next sessions." John H.

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