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What Does This Type of Service Costs?????

The services provided are specialized to individual needs and desires.  Given that there is a menu of supports that can be put in place, costs vary based on these needs.


To calculate estimated costs, the following is a comparison of Omega Educational Consulting, LLC (The "O" Effect) and Others:


Service                         The "O" Effect                              Others

Tutoring                        up to $25/hr.                                 $40/hr

Professional Dev.           up to $1,500/day                          $2,500/day

Consulting                     up to $150/session                       $2,000/session

Career Planning             up to $20/hr.                                 $30/hr.


The "O" Effect will be the most cost effective and beneficial investment in your student, self or staff.  All prices are negotiable and contingent upon needs.


All services are provided by trained, knowledgable, experienced, and licensed professionals.

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Your value increasing over the years with the "O" Effect

Why the "O" Effect is the best investment for the future.


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