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Many Needs, Many Solutions!!!!!

The "O" Effect can work for you in many ways.  If you are a parent/student, faculty/staff, or business/district, the Omega Educational Consulting Group has services to address your needs.


These supports are available in:


Student/Parent Assistance

Career Planning and Support

Professional Development


Student/Parent Assistance



Omega Educational Consulting, LLC provides student and parent advocacy in the following areas:


* Graduation Processes - support in understanding and applying appropriate procedures/courses in order to prepare student for high school graduation.


* Tutorial Services - support, in the form of private tutoring, in areas of mathematics, Language Arts, and study skills to assist students in their academic needs.


* IEP/Due Process Procedures - support and advocate for students with special needs.


* Disciplinary Procedures- support and advocate for students who are facing disciplinary consequences (expulsion/behavior referrals).

Career Planning and Support



Omega Educational Consulting, LLC provides career planning and support in the following areas:


* Resume Building - create a professional resume/letter of interest and hone interview skills necessary to get that professional career moving forward.


* Career Development/Advocacy - career searching and advocacy in order to move your application/resume to the top of the applicant pool.


* Representation - advocate/represent you in any disciplinary process and/or provide sound, reasonable, and legitimate support for employees facing potential disciplinary concerns.

Professional Development 



Omega Educational Consulting, LLC provides professional development to staff in the following areas:


* Working with "at-risk" students.


* Pedagogical development and implementation.


* School Climate.


* Cultural Competency/Proficiency.


* Implementing strategies to work with students of color/males.


* Leadership Development/Maintenance for school leaders.




Omega Educational Consulting, LLC provides consulting/expertise in the following areas:


* Academic Improvement


* Staff Acquisition/Retention


* School Climate/Atmosphere


* Staff Moral and Satisfaction


* Overrepresentation of certain students in disciplinary procedures and underrepresentation of certain students in academic programs.



Success is no longer as complicated as the rubik's cube!!!!!!!!!!

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